About us

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Parker Young was founded by Dave Young in 2015 after a decade of working for recruitment firms large and small in the commerce space.


While a lot of firms talked about ‘delivering solutions’, ‘long term partnerships’ and being ‘experts in [insert sector here]’, the reality was… different.


By starting Parker Young, Dave wanted to bring his 14 years’ experience in commerce to clients and candidates and provide a genuinely consultative recruitment service.


Parker Young wasn’t created on the back of huge promises to clients or candidates. Instead, Dave wanted to create a company where clients and candidates could trust everyone to give qualified advice and be truly consultative.


The mission is a simple one: to work with honesty, speak with authority and act with integrity.


Parker Young wasn’t started to revolutionise, re-shape or rebuild the space we operate in. We’re here for relationship driven recruitment and to add value to everyone we work with. And whether you’re a client or a candidate, we’d love that to be you.


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