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6 Office gadgets that'd make great secret Santa gifts

 4th Dec 2019

6 Office gadgets that make great secret Santa gifts 

Struggling to think of an Office secret Santa gift idea? These 6 Office Gadgets might be the perfect thing to get your colleague this Christmas.  

Gadgets are great for making life easier and for keeping people entertained, and everyone knows that’s exactly what you need when you’re in the office. At any given time, someone, somewhere, is inventing something you never knew you needed. Listed below are 6 office gadgets that you never knew your office was missing. 

Get ready to see some life-changing products… 


1. USB heated mouse mat hand warmer 

Is your office tight on heating? Do people keep saying it’s warm when it’s definitely, definitely, freezing? Its hard to type anything with fingers too cold to move.  

This heated mouse mat will let you continue to work and click away, while staying nice and warm. 

Warm up your own cold hands, or get one as a secret Santa gift for that person in the office who is always complaining about the cold (AKA, me). You can get one from Amazon - of course. 


2. A retro phone receiver that plugs into your headphone jack.  

Want that classic recruiter look on the go? This one’s for you. Talk for hours on the phone without getting foundation all over your phone screen. A perfect Christmas gift for anyone in the office that’s on the phone a lot for their job, plus you’ve got the added benefit of having something to slam down if you fancy hanging up angrily without smashing your smartphone screen and having to pay £300 for a replacement. 


Partial to a slice of toast in the office?  

We’ve all seen the debates over what marks the optimum level of toastiness, the spectrum runs far and wide in both directions. Some people argue in favour of what is essentially warm bread, while others love a charcoaled slice that looks like its been dropped down a chimney (I definitely err more on this side, sorry).  

Well, in this progressive society everyone’s preferences ought to be accommodated to and with a see-through glass toaster in the office, you can keep a watchful eye over your toast throughout its goldening journey. Perfect toast every time. 

The bad news is completely glass panelled toasters are mostly still at conception stage, so you may have to wait a little while to buy one – not even Santa’s bringing this one for Christmas 2019. There are currently, however, plenty of glass and wired toasters available on the market to buy. 


4. The Ostrich Pillow